Rudy Fernandez ridiculousness

So, I was reading an article earlier that quoted Rudy Fernandez, specifically that he says that ‘it’s time to rest a little before going back to work’. Of course, there is no telling where Rudy may be heading to get back to that work he needs to do, as he’s pretty keen to get away from Portland and the Blazers seem quite happy to ship him to Boston, Chicago or wherever.

The whole deal with Rudy Fernandez ridiculous. For me, I see it as a marginal player overestimating his own abilities and getting frustrated with his role and wanting out. Sorry Rudy, it doesn’t work like that. You signed your contract. You are employed by that organisation and are thus obligated to do what they ask of you. It is not the Trailblazers fault that you suddenly rate yourself as some sort of awesome ball-handling point-guard (which you’re not) and the next coming of Manu Ginobili. Just because you think you have more to offer than just shooting doesn’t mean you go around demanding trades.

Anyway, the Blazers seem like they’d be quite happy without Rudy around anymore, signing Wes Matthews and discussing possible deals with a few teams. The one trade rumour I noticed was Rudy to New York for Wilson Chandler (the Knicks wisely turned down a Rudy for Anthony Randolph and a first-rounder). Apparently, though, Portland has no interest in Wilson Chandler. Why? Chandler is six-eight, two-twenty, can play guard or forward, shoots a solid percentage, rebounds the ball and can block shots occasionally. Most of all, he seems to be a good guy and has never complained about his role, minutes, shots etcetera. The only thing against him, I guess, would be his arrest for marijuana possession (during the off-season) – and is that really such a big deal? I have no idea why Portland can’t see Chandler splitting minutes with Wes Matthews backing up Brandon Roy and Nic Batum.

Oh, and Portland wants a first-round draft pick in return for Rudy, too. Crazy.

Let’s recap. Rudy gets the idea he’s far better than he actually is and wants out, hoping for an increased role elsewhere. Meanwhile, Portland can’t get a deal done because, despite disagreeing with Rudy about how good he is, are asking too much in return because they presumably think he is worth more than he actually is. Um, what? It makes no sense.

Portland, do a deal and get rid of Rudy. Trade him for Chandler. Don’t insist on a first-rounder. Be a deep, talented and successful basketball team this season. Now that makes sense.

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  • Simon  On September 18, 2010 at 11:54 am

    its certainly an amusing situation there danny. The more i read about it, the less i care too. not saying i hate ur post, just saying that after reading your interpretation of how ridiculous it was, my level of caring for rudy went down a crap load.

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