More games, more observations

I’m back, NBA freaks!

So there were a bunch of games again today, so I’ll just dive in and talk about what I saw:

Memphis 115, Atlanta 111 OT: So, Memphis seem like they could have a really good team this year. They seem to have around 10 guys who can legitimately give you good minutes, especially if Acie Law keeps playing the way he did today – 19 points, 4-7, 1-1, 10-10. He’d fit in nicely as the backup point guard behind Conley. Conley, Mayo, Gay, Randolph and Gasol with Law, Henry, Allen, Young and Thabeet off the bench; you’d need a bit of mix-and-matching with the starters seeing as how it’s a bit undersized, but that’s a bench that is athletic and would be monstrous defensively. The Hawks gave up a 20-point lead in this one, but to shoot over 50% in your first preseason outing is pretty impressive.

Boston 96, New Jersey 92: Shrek and Donkey played well of the bench for the Cs in this one, with Davis scoring 20 and Nate 17. Boston are a vet squad and are ready for a run at the title again this season, so they’re bound to win a few preseason games despite the starters getting plenty of rest. For New Jersey, Brook Lopez gives you the 23 points you should all be expecting (he looked about 17.6 speeds faster than Shaq on this night); and Terrence Williams continues to look really good. 17/4/5, however he had 5 turnovers.

Washington 97, Cleveland 83: Wall struggled with his shot in this one, but still nearly got a double-double with 12 points and 9 assists, along with a +20 for the game. The Wizards’ young bigs Blatche and Jianlian played really well, with Andray throwing down a ridiculous dunk and Yi getting 16 points on 7-11, 1-1, 1-1 shooting. Yi looks like he may have benefited from the Worlds tournament; he appears to be far more confident at the moment. For the Cavs…ahh…I guess Hollins was pretty good, he was active, getting a massive block and pulling in 14 rebounds. But Cleveland was pretty bad, shooting 35%.

San Antonio 87, Houston 90: Yao looked better in this game. Kevin Martin still finds ways to get to the line, shooting 9-11 free throws for his 21. The Spurs played a whole bunch of guys, with 15 players seeing court time. Tony Parker looked really good in limited action.

Chicago 83, Dallas 88: Dirk was…Dirk. 30/10 on 9-21, 1-3 and 11-13 shooting. Has that off-season surfer hair goin’ on. Caron Butler also contributed 22. I can’t really figure out how Chicago was close, looking at both the boxscore and the highlights. The only thing I noticed about them was that Derrick Rose is pretty damn quick. Jo Noah (13/8/6) played well.

Portland 96, Utah 100: Portland’s bench got a heavy run in this one, with 4 guys getting more than 22 minutes off the pine. Wes Matthews continues to look incredibly good, with 21 points (6-15, 2-4, 7-10 shooting), but Dante Cunningham was probably the best of the bench, getting 18/10 on 8-12, and 2-2 from the line. He was pretty patchy in his rookie year but these are the sort of numbers he could contribute on the reg. LaMarcus Aldridge was also quite effective with 15. The Jazz, however, just moved the ball within their fantastic offensive system and put 13 guys on the scoreboard. 12 of those guys recorded at least one assist. Gotta love that Jazz ball movement.

L.A. Clippers 120, Sacramento 88: Blake Griffin is still a beast (in case you’ve forgotten). 18 points along with 13 rebounds, and the only reason he didn’t get 20 was free throws (7-7 from the floor, 4-8 at the charity stripe). Also, Al-Farouq Aminu had a mini coming-out party in this one, with 17/8 on 6-13, 2-3 and 3-4. He was skying for put-backs and showing exceptional passing skills. Along with Eric Gordon, could Clippers fans finally have a young core to get excited about? For Sacramento, not much to say…Tyreke played just 9 minutes. DMC fouled out in just 21 minutes of burn but still scored 15 and is still clearly a special player.

Some news before I go. The Detroit Pistons still can’t catch a break, after struggling with injuries last season; they recently found out that rookie sensation Jonas Jerebko partially tore his right Achilles’ tendon, and incoming draftee Terrico White broke his right foot. Both injuries occurred in their first preseason outing. This is terrible news for the Pistons, as they’ll miss Jerebko’s energy and White’s athleticism, as well as the depth these two give them. For a team trying to forget last year’s nightmare campaign, this is just bad luck.

I’m out guys. Cheers.


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