What I Saw, where we had a game outside

With half-a-dozen games played today, here’s what’s what:

Philadelphia 89, New Jersey 90: Yeah, Brook Lopez scored 23. Y’all should be expecting that. Farmar was also pretty decent, scoring 15 off the bench on 5-9, 3-6, and 2-2. Terrence Williams was awful, no points (0-3) while having just 3 assists against 5 turnovers. For Philly, Evan Turner played a nice game in a starting role – 14 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists and 6 steals – fans would be hoping for those numbers for a long time to come. Iguodala scored 20 while playing at the 3, the 6ers actually started Holiday, Turner, Iguodala, Young and Brand, which would figure to be a fairly effective line-up (able to force turnovers and get out in transition). Holiday, Turner and Iguodala are all fantastic perimeter defenders so maybe they’ll stick with it.

Indiana 92, Houston 126: Houston were on the break, like, all game, with Budinger and Lee dunking everything. Those two combined for 27 off the bench on 12-19, 2-6, 1-2 shooting, playing 20 minutes apiece. Scola was his usual fantastic self with 23/11. Not really too much going on for Indy, A.J. Price played well again with 14 points on 7 shots.

Memphis 97, New Orleans 90: The Grizz started a couple of the younger guys, with Thabeet and Henry getting the start while O.J. and Gasol came off the bench. Rudy went 0-7, which is no good. Luckily Randolph came through with 21 points on 6-9 from the floor and 9-12 from the stripe. For the Hornets, Ariza was nice in his N’Awlins debut, 17 points on 5-8, 3-3 and 4-4 shooting. The Hornets shot pretty well from distance in their preseason opener, 11-19 triples for 58%.

Charlotte 78, Milwaukee 86: Brandon Jennings had another really good game, scoring 18. Milwaukee shared the ball ‘round again, with 5 guys scoring double-digits; the Bucks assisted on over half of their made field goals. There’s not too much positive for Charlotte right now, they’ve slumped to 0-3 in the preseason; Gerald Wallace did his thing with 15 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 blocks.

Miami 73, San Antonio 90: Oh my, the Heat lost. How awful. LeBron and Bosh played just 12 minutes each. San Antonio played a lot of guys and did enough to get the W. Timmy played only 7 minutes.

Dallas 90, Phoenix 98: Both teams shot just 39.5%, but the game was played outside (Indian Wells) so we’ll excuse that. Steve Nash had some really nice passes in the game and finished with 10 assists. Channing Frye scored 12, but it took him 13 shots to get there (2-10 from range, ugh). Dirk sat out for Dallas, and no-one really played exceptionally in his absence. Caron Butler needed 16 shots for his 12 points.

Cheers peeps.

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