What I Saw, where Paul Millsap exploded

Only a handful of games today:

Miami 101, New Jersey 78: Again, the Heat turned up the D, forcing the Nets to shoot just 35% from the floor; the Heat shot 54%. Also, 29 assists on 36 made field goals is a pretty nice return for Miami. LeBron led the way with 20/7/7, with Wade chipping in with 17/6/7 and Bosh helping with 18 on just 8-10 from the floor and 2-2 at the stripe. Brook Lopez did it again for NJN with 20 points and the 3rd overall pick Derrick Favors had a nice night with 13 points and 13 boards (10 offensive).

Dallas 99, L.A. Clippers 83: The Mavs were a sharing bunch in this game, with 6 players reaching double-figures and 23 assists on 36 made field goals. Caron Butler led the way with 17 points, while Dirk had 16. The Clippers were held to 34% shooting, and were led by Blake Griffin, 16/9 for the rookie.

Utah 120, Oklahoma City 99: The Jazz get their first win of the season in a blow-out, as they shoot 53% from the floor and record 32 assists against 44 field goals. Also, they kept the Thunder to just 40% shooting (noticing a theme here?). The Jazz big men led the way, with Paul Millsap going off for 30 points, 16 boards and 6 assists on 12-19 from the floor and 6-8 from the line, and Al Jefferson getting 23/10. Also, C.J. Miles came off the bench to score 21 and Deron Williams dropped 15 dimes along with 16 points. KD led the Thunder, 28 points on 8-19, 4-6, 8-9 shooting.

Golden State 83, L.A. Lakers 107: The Lakers just crushed the Warriors on the boards, 55-42. Gasol had 26/12, Odom had 16/14 and Kobe had 20. For the Dubs, Monta continued his hot start to the season with 20 points, with Dorell Wright adding 18. Lee was dominated by the length of the Laker frontline and played just 19 minutes, going scoreless on 0-3 and grabbing just 3 boards.

Just quickly, a look at some on the league’s news headlines:

LeBron James suggests that given the chance, he may change some aspects of his free agency this past summer. Gee, I can’t imagine what he might be talking about;

Erick Dampier signs a deal with the Rockets, giving them yet another center to back up Yao Ming this season;

And finally, in what is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard for a while, the league has decided that players are not permitted to wear their headbands upside-down.

This is just a total ‘what the…?’ story. There’s probably only one decent player in the league who wears his headband upside down, Rajon Rondo. Then Rondo came out in the season opener without a headband at all. I wondered why, seeing as how I’ve only seen the Celtics point man play with his trademark white band. Well, apparently, seeing as how the league ruled it may not be upside-down, Rondo decided to get rid of it all together. The NBA, Where WTF?!? Happens.

So yeah. Cheers.

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