What I Saw, where Dwight’s a beast

6 games today, and it’s getting late, so I’ll make it quick:

San Antonio 95, Charlotte 91: The Bobcats were torched by the Spurs from three-land, 12-26 for San Antonio to just 6-19 for Charlotte. Ginobili did the damage with 5-11 from deep.

Atlanta 89, Orlando 93: Dwight Howard, after being named Player of the Week, carries the Magic to the win, 27 points and 11 boards on 10-20 from the floor and 7-11 from the line. Joe Johnson led the Hawks with 23.

Golden State 109, Toronto 102: GSW shoots 53% to just 46% for Toronto, and out-rebound the Raptors 42-32. Steph Curry led Golden State with 34 points, 12-21, 2-4, 8-8, while Ellis added 28. The bad news for the Warriors: Ellis fell hard late, leaving the game and not returning. Not sure what he injured or how severe it may be, you’ll know when I do.

Phoenix 99, Memphis 109: Memphis has 6 guys score in double-figures and records an assist on 19 of 40 made field goals, which is nearly not terrible. Zach Randolph had a monster game, 23 points and 20 rebounds on 9-16 from the floor and 5-6 at the line. Rudy chipped in with 22.

Denver 92, Chicago 94: ‘Melo led the way for Denver with 32 points, 11-22, 1-1, 9-9, with 12 of those coming in the third as Denver took the lead. However, all Chicago starters scored in double-figures and Jo Noah pulled in 19 rebounds.

Boston 87, Dallas 89: Rondo’s 11 points, 6 rebounds, 15 assists and 5 steals weren’t enough on the night, with Dirk leading the way for Dallas with 25 points on 9-16 from the floor and 7-7 at the line. Tyson Chandler added a double-double, 12 points and 13 rebounds. The Mavs shot 50% from the floor, compared to just 42% for the Celtics.

That’s all, thanks guys.

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