What I Saw, where Beasley’s hot like fire

A big day today, 10 games all up, here’s what you need to know:

Toronto 94, Philadelphia 86: Well, that’s rather embarrassing. The day after I slammed on him for struggling against Washington with 12 points on 13 shots, Bargnani bounces back nicely with 30 points; 12-18 from the floor, 1-3 from range and 5-6 at the stripe, along with 7 boards, making me look somewhat foolish. Oh well.

Sonny Weems continues to impress also, after I said that no team would be winning games with him leading the scoring. True, he didn’t lead the Raptors, but he did have a career-high 25 on 10-18 shooting, 1-3 from deep and 4-6 at the line, which are nice numbers. Toronto gave up 16 offensive rebounds in the game, but Philly couldn’t convert, just 37% shooting for the 6ers, while the Raps shot a much better 47%. Elton Brand had 27/8 as he continues to have an impressive season after two injury-interrupted years in Philadelphia so far.

Phoenix 96, Miami 123: Not much to analyse in this one, the Heat were just way better than the Suns (they are way better than the Suns). Miami went to Bosh early and often, and he responded; 22 points in the first half on his way to 35 for the game, 12-17 from the floor and 11-11 at the line, adding 6 rebounds and 4 assists. CB did a nice job of getting inside for a couple of easy buckets before stepping out for that mid-range J he’s so adept at. His super friends were no slouches either; LeBron finished up just shy of a triple-double, 20/8/9, while Wade added 17/6/6. Miami shot 55% from the floor while holding Phoenix to just 44%. Nash led the Suns with 17 points, but his 2 assists were his lowest total in 141 games.

Washington 83, Boston 114: The Cs shoot 66% from the floor and 62% from three, and the Wizards aren’t a very good team. This’ll probably happen a fair bit this season for Washington, especially when they don’t have John Wall to lean on (and what does it say about a team that loses it’s direction so badly when their leader’s out, but that leader is a 20 year-old who’s played 8 NBA games?)

L.A. Lakers 103, Detroit 90: 33 for Kobe, 25/12 for Pau, 15/14 for Lamar, and Detroit (like Washington going against Boston) are just not equipped to hang with a championship contender at this point.

Dallas 97, New Orleans 99: Lazy TV analysis, again. I watched the highlight package from the game, and right at the end, one of the guys (pretty sure it’s Kenny Smith, too, who’s normally pretty spot-on) says:

‘But you see, the problem for these teams, to beat the elites, is that they don’t have shot-blockers, when it comes to the playoff time’

Um, ok. But in 422 career games, Emeka Okafor is averaging 1.8 blocks per game, and has at least one season where he’s sent back over 2 shots per contest (2006-2007 season); additionally, he’s on track for another 2+ block season, averaging 2.3 in this season thus far. Then Dallas has Brendan Haywood, who for the past 3 seasons has averaged 2.5, 2.1 and 2 blocks per game. These are elite numbers, and both of these men are superior shot-blockers. Kenny needs to stop sippin’ that Kool-Aid, like right now.

As for the game, it was close throughout, CP led with 20 points and 11 assists, while all 5 New Orleans started reached double-figures. Dirk was a beast for Dallas, 29 and 9 boards, with just 2 turnovers. I don’t know if you know this, but for the amount of possessions that get run through him, Dirk hardly ever turns it over. He’s phenomenal.

Houston 99, Oklahoma City 116: The Thunder got plenty of easy opportunities in the game, with the Rockets turning the ball over 17 times for the game. OKC also recorded 26 assists on 43 field goals, which is a decent return for the team who’s last in the league in assists (and odd considering the high offensive rating so far). KD rolled his ankle early in the game, but returned, and finished with 24 points (11-21, 1-5, 1-1); while Russ Westbrook had 21/6/12 along with 2 steals. Luis Scola finished up with 26/8 on 12-19 from the floor and 2-4 from the stripe for Houston.

L.A. Clippers 111, Minnesota 113: The Wolves shot 53% for the game, but despite Love grabbing 14 boards, Minnesota was actually out-rebounded by the Clippers 43-33, with L.A. grabbing 15 offensive rebounds to the Wolves 5, making this a close game. Kevin Love added 24 points to his 14 rebounds, 7-11, 2-3 and 8-8 shooting, while Mike Beasley was superb with 33 points on 14-23, 2-3 and 3-3 shooting (he also hit the game-winning bucket, a pull-up J from the elbow extended, breaking the 111-111 tie). B-Easy’s averaging 32.6 point per over his last 5, and this is the sort of talent that made me mad that he was traded for a pair of second-rounders.

There was one pretty big reason that the Clippers out-rebounded a team that employs the services of Kevin Love – his name is Blake Griffin. 26 points and 17 rebounds for the rookie, and he’s just putting up crazy numbers in his debut campaign. He wasn’t alone, EG came through with 30 points and 7 assists, on 9-19 from the floor, 2-6 from deep and 10-13 from the line; Eric Gordon is another one of these Team USA guys that is absolutely dominating right now, averaging 23.5/3.5/5 for the season.

New Jersey 88, Utah 98: The Jazz turned the Nets over 14 times, while only committing 5 themselves, and earned 37 trips to the line compared to just 25 for NJ. All 5 Utah starters reached double-figures, with D-Will scoring 23; Paul Millsap added 19 points and 15 rebounds. Anthony Morrow led the Nets with 24; Travis Outlaw managed just 3 points from his 12 shot attempts.

Chicago 94, San Antonio 103: Derrick Rose’s 33 points weren’t enough to get the W, with Timmy going for 16/18/5 on the night he tied David Robinson for games played in a Spurs uni. He also needed 29 points to overtake The Admiral for second on the Spurs all-time scoring list, but didn’t need to put points on the board as TP scored 21 and Manu 20. Matt Bonner played 20 minutes off the pine and scored 8 on 3-5 shooting, 2-2 threes; what’s impressive is he was a +29 for the game.

New York 113, Sacramento 106: Now this is the Danilo Gallinari that the Knicks would have been hoping for with the 6th pick in the draft: 27 points for Gallo on just 8 field goal attempts. He was 4-8 from the floor, 3-5 from behind the arc and 16-17 from the free-throw line, and I can imagine that his coaches have been urging him to play like a young man and be aggressive. He was on this night, and it payed off. Stoudemire added 27 of his own, along with 10 rebounds for the double-double. Tyreke had 23 points, but needed 22 shots, and so far this season he’s taken 17.5 shots to get his 20 points. He hasn’t been getting to the line as often this season; 4.5 attempts compared to 6.5 last season. Have defences adjusted to him somewhat? Perhaps.


I have been hearing a lot about whether the Suns should try and trade Steve Nash to a contender, the reasons being that they can do right by him and give him the best shot they can to win a chip, and get the best package they can while his value is still quite high. After I heard Stan Van Gundy say that his team still lacks a true playmaker, and read one blogger suggest the Magic should chase Nash at the expense of Jameer Nelson, here’s a deal that could work for both teams:

Orlando receives: Steve Nash, Earl Clark

Phoenix receives: Jameer Nelson, Brandon Bass

In this deal, the Magic get one of the best playmakers the game has ever seen, a guy that can transform Dwight into an offensive beast, can revitalise Rashard Lewis and allow Vince Carter to play off the ball; plus, he can still shoot the 3, he’s one of the most underrated shooters we have in the league. Also, they get a young forward in Earl Clark, who may benefit from a change of scenery. The Suns have declined to pick up the option on his rookie deal and he’s heading for free agency; a new team may help him find a role in the league.

For Phoenix, they fill two needs. First, if you’re trading Nash, you need to get a pretty darn good point-man in return, and Jameer is pretty darn good. He can also shoot the 3, which is a plus if you’re playing for the Suns. Also, this would allow Hedo to handle the ball, which makes him tremendously better; he excels at making plays at 6’10. Second, the Suns have a ridiculously glaring need for rebounding, especially now that Robin Lopez is on the shelf with a sprained knee. Bass is a ferocious rebounder and can also hit the J, which helps when you’re playing the Phoenix system. SVG had trouble playing him because his defence was not up to scratch, but he’s much improved on that end of the floor so far this season. Not that defence has ever been much of a concern out there in the desert.

So there’s why I think the trade could work for both teams. There’s probably a 99% chance that it won’t happen, but still…what do you guys think?


I came across this post today, which asks the NBA.com writers who they think, out of the best players in the league, who has the biggest flaw in their game? There were some interesting answers, if not entirely unsurprising; I’d like to know what you guys think. Personally, though I’m hardly one to talk, it has to be Dwight Howard’s free-throws. He needs to start hitting them at least 70% to allow Orlando to go to their best player with time ticking down and needing a score.


Finally, a couple of links:

Greg Oden is having microfracture surgery again, this time on his left knee, and is going to miss the rest of the season. This is just terrible, terrible news for both the Blazers and NBA fans alike;

Eva Longoria has filed for a divorce from Tony Parker, which I was quite surprised by;

And lastly, on a lighter note, Andray Blatche says Andray Blatche always has good shot selection. Interesting. The first reader comment is spot on.


That’ll do it for now, thanks for reading.

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