Things I’ve Noticed, like that BG should be an All-Star

As it’s been the weekend and there’s been 22 games since I last posted, I’m gunna go with an abbreviated What I Saw tonight. Here’s the link to Saturday’s schedule:

Scores and Schedule, November 26

And here are Sunday’s scores:

Scores and Schedule, November 27


– Dwight Howard still needs to make more free-throws. I mentioned it the other day, but he went 13-24 from the line against Cleveland and 8-14 against Washington. Sure, he scored 23 and 32 points in those games, but still. I don’t think that his form is terrible; you can tell he’s put work into his free-throw shooting over the years. I think that it’s probably mental, and as a mate said to me today, it can’t be easy listening to everyone (TV guys, writers and even fans) mention how poorly you perform at the foul line.

– What’s up with Milwaukee? Losing to Detroit’s generally not a good sign. They bounced back nicely to grab a win over the Bobcats, sans Bogut, with Jennings dropping 32 points, 6-13 from deep.

– What do you call a power forward that averages 7 rebounds a game? A small forward. Ok, then, what do you call a center that averages 5 rebounds a game?

– Amir Johnson could be a beast if he could just stay on the damn court. His per-36 minute averages: 16 points, 10 boards and 2 blocks, which are nice. Not-so-nice? His 6.5 fouls per-36. He’s averaging nearly 4 fouls per game this season.

– Russell Westbrook, you are ridiculous. 43/8/8, 3 steals, 13-24 from the floor, 17-18 from the line. Stop being so good. Actually, don’t. It’s too much fun to watch you.

– C.J. Watson had 33 of the 95 points he’s scored this season on Saturday, filling in for Derrick Rose; he’s definitely capable of putting points on the board, scoring 40 a couple times since he’s been in the league, but he crazy streaky.

– Blake Griffin should be an All-Star this season. I don’t care that he’s (technically) a rookie, I don’t care that his team is rubbish, he’s tailor-made for it. Oh, and he’s averaging 19 points and 11 rebounds, with only Dwight, Pau and Love managing those numbers.

– Brandon Roy scored 27 on Saturday, which is great to see. I’d heard that his left knee was bone-on-bone, and I’ve also heard some people mentioning the word ‘retirement’, which would be horrible for Roy, the Blazers and fans of the NBA alike. Fortunately, he’s back and contributing. Unfortunately, the Hornets happen to be really really good this season.

– Throwback game from Agent 0 (or Agent 9 now, I guess), 31/5/5, 9-23, 1-6 and 12-14 FT in Washington’s loss to Orlando Sunday. How quickly people forget, but Arenas is pretty good, when he doesn’t have wrecked knees, or isn’t fooling around with guns.

– Golden State at Minnesota, the game of the night for me; former Heat-men Dorell Wright and Michael Beasley were facing one-another with their new clubs. The match-up didn’t disappoint, Beasley with 28 points, 9 rebounds and this block; Wright responding with 30 points, 9 threes (a Warriors record, no less) and the win. Kevin Love continued his incredible season with 21 points and 22 rebounds, his fourth 20-20 game this season (everyone else, combined, have 5), taking his season averages to 19 and 15. That’s just silly.

– Dallas defeated Miami in Sunday; they improve to 12-4 while the Heat falls to 9-8 for the season. The Super-Friends scored 67, with the rest of the team contributing 28, while the Mavericks had 6 guys score in double-digits, along with Tyson Chandler beating up on the Heat’s non-existent big-man brigade to the tune of 17 rebounds. And yes, that was a 39-word sentence. After the game, the Heat players stayed back to hold a players-only meeting to sort out some frustrations. I wonder what LeBron had to say about Coach Spoelstra?

– Wow, Sacramento really collapsed in the fourth quarter; they were outscored by the Bulls 27-9 as Chicago went on to win it 96-85. D-Rose went for 30/7/7, and was also really mean to Tyreke Evans. Why you gotta be like that, Derrick? He bad-mouth your moms or something?

Love the YouTube comment, though. I quote: ‘And People say Wall will be better. Come On Son.

D-Rose is the quickest und most Athletic Point Guard Ever. Straight Monster!’

Um, Wall is already better than Rose, and he’s only played 10 games. He already passes the ball way better, averaging 9 assists; Rose, in his third season, is averaging a career-best 8. Furthermore, Wall can actually shoot the 3-ball without it being absolutely detrimental to his team. Also, I believe some guy named Russell Westbrook might have something to say about quickness and athleticism from the point guard position. He even does it efficiently!

That’s all from me guys, thanks for reading.

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