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The Lockout

Something I posted on Facebook earlier. To quote myself:

Gahhhh…the players DON’T want more, they’re the side that’s made all the concessions thus far in the negotiations. The players were at 57% BRI, but they were willing to reduce that to 53%. The owners low-balled them with a guarantee of 47% of BRI, and then they argued they’d given the players something when they said they were willing to offer 50%. No, Owners, you DID NOT offer anything. A fair offer would be 51%, then meet at 52%, that would be a fair deal. We pay to see the players, I don’t wanna here all this rubbish about that the owners should be able to guarantee they profit on their NBA investment – there should be NO SUCH GUARANTEE! Anyone that goes into business assumes that risk of losing money on the investment and that’s just business. These players are the top 400 people in the world in their field and should be compensated thusly. Yes, they are paid a lot, but that’s what the market demands. NBA-level talent is low in supply and high in demand. Simple economics therefore suggests that they be compensated fairly. The players ARE NOT being greedy in these negotiations. The owners are.